27 June 2011

Never buy from this place!!

Should you ever be in the need of supplies to to clean your water (ie. water softener, iron filter, etc) do not buy from Discount Water Softeners Their prices are decent but their service sucks. They do not wish to resolve a problem with a mis-shipped part and we have been conversing for the past 6 months and still today to no avail is still not solved. Mind you this can be solved with a $2 part.

If you want more details email me at geekboy01 at gmail dot com.

29 August 2007


Well I took my CISSP exam on the 19th of August. I got word today from them (well an email) that I passed the exam which took me 3hrs and 9 minutes. I was so STOKED when I read the email. The pass rate for the exam has been labeled between 40-60% of the time. With prep classes increasing the rate over time. I had the SANS self study but didn't use them for the most part as I thought the layout of it just sucked. I didn't study as much as I thought I should have and by the grace of God I still did it. :) I also used the CISSP for Dummies book, which I highly recommend for studying for the test as it was the best help to me.

19 July 2007

Riding the bike. The anatomy of a relationship.

A perspective for the guy about relationships.

I was talking to a friend of mine about relationships and not opening up mainly in protection of self, and not wanting to settle for "less". We discussed quite a few things and I started down the road with using the bike as a metaphor for the relationship. The analogy goes roughly as follows.

Say you have this bike, it's been a good bike and it starts to break down. You keep riding it without doing any maintenance and you keep riding it. Finally it just rusts out so the bike no longer does what you need or want it to do. Is it the bikes fault or yours for not taking care of it or could it be both? So you decide to start walking cause the bike didn't hold up and your not sure about getting a new one since that one didn't last you your whole life. You see people all over constantly getting new bikes and just going from one to another. You don't want to do the same thing because you don't want to be like others and just throw away a good bike, but you also don't want to put in the investment to get a new one cause the last one broke down. So you keep walking down the road and you remember how the bike made life so much better and everyone else seems to be happy having a bike. Yet you still can't bring yourself to the point of picking up a new one. So you keep walking and walking.

Finally you get tired of walking and you see this new bike. This bike blows your mind and you hop on. This bike is shiny and fast, nothing like you've ever experienced. You take it down the hill and it just screams with the wind blowing through your hair. You go to sit down because you just want to coast down the hill for a little when you realize the bike doesn't have a seat. In all the excitement you forgot to make sure all the parts where there that you needed. So you now know that this bike is not for you. So you get down the hill and you park the bike now knowing that it isn't what you really needed. You once again start walking and now that you've had your old bike die on you and bought a new one but didn't check all the parts your leery to get another.

As your walking you lament on how wonderful that first bike was and how much you miss it. You loved the ride on the new bike but it wasn't right for you. You keep walking looking at all the bikes around you wanting another one. So you finally decide to try out another bike it looks good you check it over and it has all the parts. You get the bike and start to ride it. It seems to be a good bike and you keep going with it. As your riding the bike it starts to get uncomfortable and you realize the seat just doesn't work. You're constantly adjusting on the seat trying to find a spot where it doesn't hurt. You look at the seat to see if you can replace the seat. That's when you realize that the seat isn't bolted on but it is welded in place and if you want this bike you have to live with the seat it has. So you decide that you can't live with the seat. You part with the bike knowing you failed to get the perfect bike again.

By this time you're pretty disappointed that you can't find the bike you need or want. You've poured so much into new bikes you can't bring yourself to get another one. So you start walking again shuffling your feet as you go. Wondering along your feet are hurting and you really want and truly need a bike, and you know it. You wonder by so many new and used bikes just saying "no". You don't want to make the investment cause it hurts so much when you have to get rid of it.

Your feet are tired so you figure since the new bikes haven't done it for you, your going to try a used bike. So you check one out and it's a bit tarnished but all the parts seem to be there. So you give it a go. At first all of it seems wonderful and your riding this bike for a while. There is a few problems with the bike, but your sure you can fix them. So you keep riding the bike oiling the chain, checking the brakes. All seems to be good so you keep going, it's beautiful with just a couple of chinks that your okay with. So you keep up the maintenance and it seems to be working out for you. Then the bike just suddenly falls apart, the chain snaps and the breaks go out. You wreck on the bike even though you've done all the scheduled maintenance. The bike just didn't work and fell apart.

So you start walking yet again. Agonizing over the bike you just lost cause you thought it would last forever. You walk along looking at bikes knowing that there has to be a bike for you. You don't want new, and you don't want used cause both of those have disappointed you in the past to great extremes. After walking along for some time you wonder if there will ever be a bike that you can have and keep forever. You doubt it, as once again you lament in the disasters you've had with both new and used bikes in the past. And your options with getting a bike is new or used. Your feet begin to swell a bit as you travel the road looking around at people both happy and unhappy with their bikes. It's not something your ready for.

Finally your feet hurt so bad that you have to get a bike. At this point you'll settle for anything, you just don't care anymore. So you walk by a bike and figure yeah why not. It's not the best bike you've seen and it looks warn down. It looks like it's been sitting for a quite a while and it's pretty dirty. But you'll settle for anything at this point. So you ride it home thinking why did I do this? You wash the bike up and you take another look. You think hey this looks a better than it did when I picked it up. After riding this bike for a bit you realize the your feet still hurt and you look down at the peddles and realize that they need to be replaced. So you get some new peddles for the bike and your feet quit hurting. You travel on riding your bike from here to there and find that something just doesn't feel right. You look and your hands just don't sit right on the grips. So you go to get some new grips for the bike because you want it to be comfortable. While your looking at the grips you notice there are gloves right next to them. You begin to think that hey maybe it's not the grips. Maybe I need to get some gloves for myself instead of replacing what is on the bike. So you get the gloves and you realize that the grips were fine and it wasn't the bike but you that needed to change something.

You keep riding your bike doing maintenance, and upgrades to both it and what you wear. After some time you wake up in the morning and look at your bike and realize you have the most wonderful bike you'd ever seen. You take a step back and look at the only reason you picked it up and you thought you were just settling for what could come your way. Yet now you look at this bike and it absolutely amazes you that what you thought was settling was truly the find of a life time.

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